Home Clean-Up

Got junk? We’re the ones to call!

Junk Genius can help with all manner of household waste from unwanted goods to broken furniture to excess green waste from your garden.

If you’re a landlord, we can also help with end of tenancy clean-ups.

You’ll find our service fast, efficient and surprisingly cost effective. It’s also the convenient way to get the job done quickly without any fuss. We load it, cart it away and leave your site clean and tidy. Contact us today for a free quote – be it one item or a truck-load you need removed.

Office Clean-Up

Broken furniture, old piles of papers and promotional material, moving offices…if you’ve got office junk – you need Junk Genius!

Fast, friendly and efficient. We’ll have those unwanted items out of your way in no time, whether you’re freeing up space or moving out and don’t wish to take it all with you.

We can also assist with removal and disposal of e-waste such as old computers, cables, printers and monitors which have become obsolete or surplus to requirements.

Green Waste Recycling

We dispose of green waste in an environmentally friendly way, allowing it to be recycled into useful garden products.

Once removed from your site, we take it for commercial composting at one of several third-party sites across Auckland.

This not only saves it from being added to our landfills, but also creates useful garden products such as mulch and compost.

General Recycling

We take minimizing our environmental impact, and yours, seriously.

Depending on the nature of your junk, Junk Genius will do all we can to recycle your old items.

Metal can be scrapped and re-used, and some plastics can also be recycled. Paper waste is also good for recycling.