Hoarders Clean-Up

Junk Genius are experts in cleaning up hoarders residences. We understand the difficulty that typically surrounds these situations, and our promise to you is that your job will be treated with the upmost respect and privacy by our small, professional crew. We will work closely with you to ensure all of your expectations are met, and ultimately get the property back in shape.

We load up and remove ANY kind of waste inside or outside the house. General household rubbish, greenwaste, e-waste, hazardous waste etc. You name it – we take it. All the waste we remove is tipped at a New Zealand owned refuse station, and is always correctly sorted & recycled.

Once the inside of the house is taken care of, we are able to bring new life to the outdoor space. If you are looking to sell the property, the outdoor area will be the first impression for prospective buyers, so this is often an important aspect of the job. Our staff have experience in landscaping & gardening, so we can go as far as you wish when it comes to sorting out the exterior of the property. Whether this is a simple mow of the lawns & pruning of trees/hedges, or completely remodeling the outdoor space is up to you!

If requested, we can transport all items that you want to keep to another location. Also, while the initial clear out process is underway, we can keep an eye out for certain wanted items which you suspect may be among the rubbish. We will also put aside any items we find which we suspect you may want to consider saving.

The Process:

You reach out to us: Give us a call or text on 0226719637, OR send us an e-mail to admin@junkgenius.co.nz

Walkthrough: We organise a walkthrough of the property with you, free of charge. This is your opportunity to let us know what services you would like done, and is essential for us to be able to accurately quote.

We quote: We provide you with a quote or an estimate, depending on your specific job.

We get to work: Once you’ve given us the go ahead, we get straight to it. We will provide you with an estimated time-line, and keep you updated on progress throughout the job.